The School

Mata Gujri Girls' Public School, member of Maharaja Group of Institutes is Madhya Pradesh's First Public School exclusively for Girls being established to honour the advice of the society at large. The school is dedicated to the memory of the martyr lady Mata Gujriji, Mother of the great saint and warrior Guru Gobind Singhji. The school has a purpose which is enshrined in the motto SARABAT DA BHALA means well being of all.

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Mata Gujriji

Mata Gujriji, the first martyr in the Sikh History, was born at Kartarpur (Punjab) in the year 1619. Respected as Jagat Mata (Universal Mother), Mata Gujriji belongs to the family of martyrs and Sikh Gurus. She was the wife of the ninth Guru, Guru Shri Tegh Bhadurji and holy mother of the tenth Guru Shri Gobind Singhji. She had bestowed on mankind monotheistic, Cosmopolitan and eternal ideology for leading a pious and pure life. She taught her grandsons the path of truth, religion and fearless life.

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The Principal

Mrs. Neelam Pandey, an eminent educationist, is M.A. English and B.Ed. Her credentials include dedicated services for 26 years in the field of education and has been honouring her services as a Principal for past 2 years. A keen connoisseur emphasizes to inculcate the moral values and cultural heritage amongst the students. She believes that our minds are like the sea, deep as our thoughts.

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